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Honda Technology

Stay Connected with HondaLink

HondaLink System

HondaLink with Aha by HARMAN connects you to thousands of cloud-based news, music and entertainment feeds from around the world. It helps reduce driver distraction, while still allowing access to your contacts, music and media. Access social networks, listen to music with services like Slacker Personal Radio, and get personalized restaurant listings from Yelp!. Plus, the system flawlessly integrates HandsFreeLink-bilingual Bluetooth wireless mobile phone interface, text message and e-mail functions.

Earth Dreams Technology

Earth Dreams Technology

Earth Dreams Technology is a next generation set of technological advancements, which greatly enhance driving performance with more horsepower and torque, while still increasing fuel efficiency. The advancements will further improve the efficiency of components, including engine, transmission and electric-powered motor technology.

Econ Mode & Eco Assist

Econ Assist Mode

Get the most out of every litre. Press the ECON button and the engine and other power-using systems will go into super-efficient mode, while Eco Assist coaches you to drive more efficiently.


Honda i-Mid Technology

The intelligent Multi-Information Display is mission control for your mission-critical functions. Browse songs, access Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink, or get important driver-related information like fuel consumption and turn-by-turn directions if you opt for the available navigation system. Plus, i-MID allows you to customize important vehicle information and settings.

Variable Cylinder Management® (VCM®)

Variable Cylinder Management VCM

VCM® intuitively activates or deactivates the operating cylinders for improved fuel efficiency, based on driving conditions. If you need maximum horsepower, the engine operates on all cylinders. If you need less power, it can operate on fewer cylinders.

Lane Departure Warning* and Forward Collision Warning*

Lane Departure Warning

These available technologies utilize a camera mounted behind the windshield to alert the driver when the vehicle is moving out of its lane or if a potential front collision seems imminent.
*Does not replace the driver's responsibility to exercise due care when operating the vehicle.

Lanewatch Blind-Spot Display

Lanewatch Blind-Spot Display

Using a camera system mounted on the passenger mirror, this feature provides an enhanced view of the passenger-side roadway, so you can see what's in your blind spot.

Hybrid Technology

Honda Hybrid Technology

Honda has made vast improvements in the efficiency and cleanliness of the internal combustion engine and in the quest for viable alternative fuels. We are focused on perfecting hybrid technology and bringing it to the mainstream. Gasoline performs well and is convenient, with a place to "fill it up" on nearly every corner. Electricity is clean and efficient. Hybrid technology makes the two power sources work in concert, the strength of each more than compensating for the inherent challenges of the other. Honda was the first automaker to introduce gas-electric hybrid technology in North America with the Honda Insight. Today, that's joined by the Civic Hybrid, and CR-Z.

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