65 Pillsworth Road, Bolton, ON, L7E 4E9

Service Centre

The Support Your Honda Deserves

This is where you get the best support for your Honda. Our manufacturer-trained technicians are specialists who know your Honda best and can diagnose most issues quickly. All repairs are carried out using only original equipment parts and specially designed tools, and are backed by Honda's limited warranty. We also have direct access to factory resources and new technologies.

Service That Benefits You

Our service advisors are all highly trained by Honda Canada. Our service and repair jobs are quick, affordable, and fully customizable in line with your needs. We check for outstanding safety recalls every time you come in for a service appointment.

Our drive-through is a convenient way to avoid the elements. We offer a complimentary guest shuttle when your Honda is in for service, and we will wash your vehicle for any type of service. We also have a comfortable service lounge, complete with a beverage centre, WI-FI, and television.

Seasonal Tire Swap

Are we storing your tires? Minimum of 72 Hours Required for Tire Retrieval.

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